About us.

Globally Paid’s payments network connects consumers, financial institutions, and businesses in more than 70+ countries and territories. Our technology and expertise makes payments safer, simpler and smarter.
We believe with the right culture, product, strategy and capital anything is possible. Together with our Partners and Clients, we’re improving worldwide connectivity.
For us, being your trusted partner means providing the necessary resources you need to empower your business now and in the future.

Why Globally Paid?

We seek to build relationships based on trust and collaboration to get the right answer. You get a team who have the experience, the utmost capability and the financial know-how to bring clarity and sound services.
Leveraging our expertise, people choose how they pay and get paid – securely and with certainty.

What we value.

Driven by an ambitious vision for the future and an obsessive focus on what’s needed today. Globally Paid is only the start of what’s to come to help support the world’s entrepreneurs. 


Trust is a long game. We make earning trust a way of life, and we attract and keep good team members, partners and clients.



We never stop dreaming of a better way to do things.



We work with compassion and understanding.


Open mindedness

You have things to teach and we have things to learn. You talk and we listen. Our best ideas come from our client's insights, which benefit everyone.

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Newport Beach, CA

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