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Why is tokenization important for your business?

Each online transaction comes with the risk of fraud, so it’s crucial to reduce risk and provide secure payments. The payment process is done with sensitive cardholder data and you must understand where the vulnerabilities exist.

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Lower Risk of Exposing Data

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Provide Secure Payments

How tokenization works.

When a transaction is processed, our Card Vault stores the card information in our secure servers. As part of the transaction response, a card-token is provided back to your application. This token can safely then be stored in your local database as it is not an encrypted credit card number, but instead an identifier for the stored credit card.

When you are ready to reuse the credit number for a new transaction, your application simply sends the token instead of the credit card number along with the rest of the transaction information. The credit card that was originally billed is retrieved from our card vault and used for the new transaction.

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